Monday, November 1, 2010

Funeral Message

The funeral message as delivered by Dr. Michael Gaertner, October 30th, 2010 at First Baptist Church in Pittsburg, Texas.

If you don't read or look at anything else on this blog, PLEASE listen to this message. It was incredible.

Click here to listen (or download mp3 here). You will be richly blessed.


  1. Craig and Tonya: Thank you for sharing such an intimate and personal experience with all of us. Your photos and words are beautiful. Your strength, courage and faith is amazing. We continue to keep you in our thoughts as you heal and find peace. With love, Mich & Jason

  2. Dr. Delisi and family,
    Wow all I can say is BEAUTIFUL! I would never imagine the lose of a child could be presented in such a beautiful way! In a way that you only want to be closer to the Lord. Your strength and love for her and for our GOD is amazing! I will continue to keep all of you in our prayers! For what it is worth I have seldom been in the presence of true and devoted Christians as you. Craig, I say this with all honesty...I see our God through you, through your actions, through your love for your wife and your children, and through your faithfulness to Jesus! Anastasha was a very lucky little angel to have been blessed, if for only a momment to have an earthly family like yours! May she be snuggled in the arms of our havenly daddy till you meet again! All my love and prayers, Janet and family