Ariana's Story

Our oldest child, Ariana Ann (now 11), was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia on Mother's Day of 2001.  She was 22 months old at the time and endured 29 months of chemotherapy before she was cured.

Our journey with her was a difficult one, but one full of God's grace and mercy.  Many of the lessons we learned on that road were reiterated to us during our time with Anastasha.  We learned a lot about what a good Father our God is.  The journey was also very formative for us regarding our views on life and parenting.  Specifically, the Lord used our pain to cause Craig to surrender to allow Him to control our family size.

We are glad to report that Ariana is doing wonderfully well, and is a joy to our hearts.

To see a website created for her several years back (it is quite dated), click here

Ariana, 22 months

Ariana at hospital for a chemo treatment

Ariana, age 11