Monday, August 29, 2011

Anastasha - 10 Months Later and Twin Update

Tonya at 33 weeks - at least 2 to go!

The last couple of weeks have been challenging but blessed.  Friday marked the 10 month anniversary of Anastasha's birth and death.  Tonya and I watched her birth video for the first time together since that day.  It was difficult to watch and relive both the joy and pain.  We were both struck by how brief her life was.  It just seemed like a moment that she was here and then gone.  Our memories are brief, as well, because of that.

We watched her funeral with all the kids.  That was also difficult but precious.  We've gone through some of her things, including her receiving blanket.  It still smells like our baby girl.

It is a very strange emotion to be in the middle of anticipating new life again.  Anastasha's death still feels fresh to us.  That is one reason we watched her videos.  We wanted to embrace her life as we look forward to life that is coming.

Tonya is still on bed rest.  As of Saturday, my parents are now here, which is a great blessing.  Life is hectic, but Tonya is still here (and not in a hospital room in Dallas) and  the babies are still in her tummy (and not in a NICU in Dallas).  So we are NOT complaining.  We both feel VERY blessed that both of the above are true.

The twins measured 4 pounds and 4.5 pounds one week and a half ago.  Tonya is still having contractions, but the medication she is taking seems to be holding them at bay somewhat.  She got some steroid shots last week because the fetal fibronectin test (anticipates whether or not you are likely to go into labor in the next two weeks) was POSITIVE this time.  It doesn't mean with certainty that she will.  It just means that we can't reliably assume that she won't.  Make sense?

Tonya had a baby shower on Saturday, given by her dear friend Joy Griffin.  It was a blessing to see many friends who love her.  And it was her first time out of the house (other than for her OB appts) in 2 weeks.  Can you say "stir crazy"?

We are hoping to get to at least 35 weeks gestation with the pregnancy.  That will be sometime around 9-10-11.  That will allow us to (hopefully) avoid Dallas.  jAnytime BEFORE that will likely land us and/or the babies in Dallas.  Anything AFTER that is icing on the cake, so to speak.  Please pray with us for God's mercy during this time.  And that His perfect love will cast out fear.  Thanks for praying for us.  We'll keep you updated.



  1. Thanks for the update. I continue to pray for all of you daily. Can't wait to see the two newest members of the DiLisi clan.

    With much love,


  2. So glad to hear that the twins are still safe and sound in Mommy's tummy. I too watched Karinne's videos close to our new baby's birth. It was good to relive those moments in preparation for our new family member. HUGS!!

  3. Glad she is able to control the preterm labor with meds! I know she is stir crazy, but she is such a good mommy for being compliant and thinking of her little ones! Look for me if you head to Dallas!