Sunday, February 20, 2011

Letter from Heaven

My Sweet Brothers and Sisters--
Ariana, Charis, Adoniyah, Amalyah, Corban, Caelan, Cale, and Caius,

I can’t wait for you to see everything that God has put here….
To play with thousands and thousands and thousands of children, to feel God’s hug that is not far away anymore but so, so near.

I am laughing and playing on the roads of gold with a royal blue sky above and rainbow sparkle colors floating all around me.
Gabriel, God’s messenger angel, came to tell me he had a message and a gift for me to see.

I thought for a second that maybe one of you were coming to play with me,
But I knew only a very short time has gone by since I got here, so that could not be.

O guys, Gabriel is very big and so brave to carry messages for your Shepherd up here down there to you, His little sheep.
Just wait till you see Gabriel’s huge wings and Michael’s big, big sword that guards you from the devil and protects you guys when you sleep.

I saw Noah, David, Elijah, Sampson, Peter, Luke and Paul too.
They told me all the amazing stories about their lives that Daddy & Mommy read to you.

Ariana, Adoniyah, and Amalyah, I can’t wait to show you all the colors of pink diamonds here that sparkle and shine--
And the tiara that your King has for you, His princesses, just like mine!

Charis, Corban, & Caelan Jesus showed me the pretty, white snow and the fort-walls that you made.  I could see your smiles and hear your laughter below.
Wait till you see the snow we have here that is so soft and sparkly.  It makes the bestest snowballs, and Jesus even made one for me to hold.

I saw Cale and Caius licking their snow in cups…so, I licked mine too.
It is so yummy and sweet, and it made my tongue tickle.
When you come, I will give all mine to you.

Gabriel played on the slides and pushed till my feet could touch the clouds on the swings. 
My toes could feel them.  I touched them, and they are as soft as the angels’ wings!

The clouds tickled my toes.  They made me giggle.  Gabriel asked me if I knew what a big sister was—I said, “Yes!  I have three!”
He took a tiny gift from under his wing and sat it in my hand—a message from God.  What could it be?

I pulled the silky, golden ribbon so slow as Gabriel watched with a grin.
Inside was a note from God that said, “Anastasha, today you are the big sister!”  My eyes asked him, “When?”

Gabriel told me the most amazing way God put a tiny new soul in my Mommy’s tummy, and how He cares for the baby each day.
And that my big brothers and big sisters will hold the baby soon--and with them it will stay.

So rejoice my sweet brothers and sisters! 
Dance around like crazy! 
Shout for joy as loud as you can! 
He is giving your world a life to show His love
and to glorify His name again!

Gabriel said you guys would teach her all the big sister stuff since I am here, and God says you are the best ones for the task. 
The Holy Spirit will help too until we play hide-n-seek in Heaven and are together at last.

I am the big sister in Heaven—O, I am dancing and spinning round and round holding Gabriel’s hand.
Jesus wants me to tell Daddy and Mommy that like God’s love for them, His children’s praises will outnumber the stars and all the beaches’ grains of sand.

I am something new—the big sister now!
Tell of Gabriel’s message and tell of God’s sovereignty! 
Proclaim He is good in all things!
I am so grateful that God gave this gift to us!
From your lips may God’s heart for children ring!

So rejoice my sweet brothers and sisters! 
Dance around like crazy! 
Shout for joy as loud as you can! 
He is giving your world a life to show His love
and to glorify His name again!

I love you so much my big brothers and sisters,
Anastasha—the new BIG sister!


  1. God has brought you another child to raise in his ways. Your family is blessed in the Lord! My family is honored to be here with you on your journeys. You know we are here for you for anything. Praise be the Lord almighty!

  2. Praise God for your new sweet precious gift! Prayers for peace and joy in the coming months! We love you guys so much and rejoice with you and Anastasha today!

  3. Woohooooooo!!!!!!! Congratulations to the DeLisi family. I'm so happy for you. I pray God's blessing of health and safety for your new precious baby. I'm so excited that Anastasha is a big sister!!

    I pray also for peace as you await the arrival of this new baby!

  4. Praising God for his loving blessings to this sweet family! So happy for all of you and rejoicing with Anastasha too! Another special thing that we share with you is that we too will be welcoming a new grandbaby about the same time! Love you all!

  5. Congratulations DeLisi family. This is incredible news! Praying for this new little blessing. God's peace to you as you travel through this pregnancy following so great a loss.

    Special congrats to Miss Anastasha on becoming a big sister for the first time!

    Much love to you!

  6. ....o wow..... Saturday morning at about 5:30am I was awakened (not happily) by my dog's persitant pestering. She didn't need to go out, she just wanted me awake.

    As I sat in the quiet ramping up for the day you folks were on my heart, and I had an odd witness that a new life was with you. Part of me, now to my shame, sorta tried to dismiss that hope as my own wishful flesh. But I enjoyed the longer than unexpected morning time and prayed for your family.

    It is such a weighty thought -- our lives could not be more different. We don't know each other. The likelihood of us ever meeting this side of Heaven is small. Yet God has given me the privilege being one of the chosen to pray and share from a distance the journey and joy of Anastasha's life and now her little sister or brother.

    I'm grateful and blessed.

  7. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for your family.

  8. Thank you all for the kind words. We are very excited. Betsy, can you please remind me how you know about us. It is very humbling that you pray for us fervently without even knowing us personally. Wow.

  9. Congratulations DeLisi family!! What a beautiful blessing from our Heavenly Father.

    We have mutual friends, and I've never commented on your blog, but am honored to pray for you guys often, as the Lord brings you to mind.

    When I was 14, my own mother had a precious baby born still. It was so painful for us all. Very soon afterward, the Lord opened my mom's womb again and she gave birth to my beautiful baby sister :)

    We contiue to lift up your entire family, and now also this new soul being knit in secret.

  10. Hi. I learned of your family thru Walt Larimore's blog. I'm in the Atlanta metro....betsy

  11. I found your blog through another follower on my blog....I am so sorry for what you have been through but it overjoys my heart to see the love of God in the new life he has given you! After my daughter died I have learned daily thats Gods grace is SO amazing. I will pray for you and this new journey...

  12. Congratulations! Praying for peace and rejoicing as Joy and Grief meet together in the life of this new little one. God is good.

  13. Praise God! ...there are just no other words worthy enough to express the joy in my heart as I read these words... But PRAISE GOD!!

    "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28
    Yes, Lord, YES!!